Happy Drunk Message too All


For anyone who has liked or read (not that there is many, if any who have) my blog about the girl, the angle… She is now my girlfriend 😀 yaaay!

I am happy with what has happened, i have never shared a moment like this with anyone… Let alone putting it on a blog site for the whole world to see… But i am happaaay!

I do have some problems though… The fact that me and my ex girlfriend broke up only a month ago strikes me as something she might feel uncomfortable with. This is all down to society and how it works at this day and age, a girl you like finds out you are just out of a relationship and automatically assumes that she is a “rebound” a phrase simply made up by films and punters. But this is not the case, this girl is fantastic, i just need to break her out of her shy shell, hopefully this will come as our relationship goes on

Besides all the excitement of a new woman in my life, christmas is coming and the snow is falling, and it is bloody cold! The upside is, this could be a great way to get extra days off work! #SnowDays !

Well that is my excitment over for the night, i am glad i shared this with you…. Whoever may be reading this… Don’t even know if anyone does read my blogs… Maybe that’s a good thing!



“My Cousin Callum”



Somedays i don’t say a word,
One day i will see you again…
Weather it be in the form your reincarnated bird that, migrates north for winter just so you can be the only bird on that tree that will look over me.
Or may in your body form when its my time to come, maybe, just maybe you’re waiting up there or down there or everywhere for us,
Maybe we are too blind to see that fact that its you on that tree come back to be our guardian angle, cause your life.. was wrongly taken away from me.
I still get flashbacks you know.. flashbacks of that sunday morning, when my girlfriend, not me, got the phonecall, cause my friends were too oblivious to see that they decided not to tell me. I didnt believe at first, who would…? I had to check to see if it was true
I jamp on a computer logged into msn, in search for reasurence, to find my little cousin, your little brother be the one who was to say that his 18 year old brother was wrongly taken away!
Not far from where i was staying that night neither i still couldn’t believe it, i had to see it… A 5 minute run felt like 7 hours, breaths beatting my heart to MJs beat it on 1200rpm, then silence.
I sat in the middle of the road as the crime scene was closed your metal tomb stone was getting toad, out of the brick carcus it had destroyed…
As a passenger of a girl who was dosed on drugs and alcohol the night before, you and her died along with your smile that we may never see again,
I just pray to god this is a lie

R.I.P Callum aka Beefcakes

Who passed away as a passenger in a car crash


My Mates Do Drugs



So recently.. I haven’t been talking to my best mates…. my best mates, is that bad? should it bother me that they will roll a joint before they go to work? Before they go to town about 12 o’clock… and roll a big fat one? Should this annoy me…? should I try to stop it?
I feel i can’t be around them… did you know..? that you can still test positive in a drugs test.. even if you are just around someone smoking weed? I can’t take that chance with my job as a Youth Worker… can I?

And with the rest of my friends all off to uni, I have found myself been a victim off miss Mary Jane, the evil devil that is great at being good, but brilliant at being bad!
Yeah I have smoked it.. who hasn’t? it seems to be a pubescent part of growing up… but I was never like this, never this bad. The bad thing is, its my whole group of mates, and the ones who don’t smoke it are still around the smokey rope that will hang you whenever it wants.

What should I do?


Cancer Can’t Take A Joke


Anna Lea West

Several years ago, my sister was diagnosed with cancer—Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

If ever there was a time to vehemently deny the title of this blog and the notion that Life Is Funny (even when it’s not), it was at this moment. Life wasn’t funny and I didn’t think it ever would be again. I was devastated by her diagnosis.

It was my closest dealing with the c-monster and I was terrified of the unknown and heartbroken that it was her—my very own sister—who was stricken with the unpredictable and vengeful disease.

I wasn’t even living in the same state as her when the cancer was detected, so my first step was to come home for a few weeks while she endured a battery of tests to better categorize her diagnosis and confirm its stage of progression.

My mom also came down to stay with us, and during one of the first…

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Long Walk Home



Because busses these days are overpriced and i go every working day, i decide to walk the hour jouney to work and back…
I don’t mind the walk, it helps me think about what ever is inbetween my headphone covered, music powered, cold ears. While walking passed the early morning dog walkers, i have become great at lip reading “good morning” and replying by putting a fag in my mouth to stop me shouting back over my steps along to my dubstep bouncing eardrums and a suttle smile and nod 🙂
After the coldness and rain comes to an end after my free tour of inverness and i arrive at work, the reason i am getting tired bags under my eyes… I fight through 7 hours of that and look forwad for the whole reversed action to stat again